Edublogs first birthday

What makes a good blog comment.


This is what makes a good blogg comment, It helps if you are able to understand what the person is saying, and that they are right to the point. Good spelling. What you are saying has somthing to do with the topic that you are responding to.

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  1. Thanks Eileen for entering The Edublogger’s First Birthday Celebration. Excellent points. I have been known to write comments that are a bit long but sometimes it is a choice between writing the comment or writing a post. Writing a post always takes me longer 🙁

  2. Good question Eileen. For an experience blogger like myself you can write a comment right here below my comment and I will know you have left it because I use a comment tracking services that lets me know of new comments.

    However since you will be commenting on other student blogs I would recommend that you pop over to their blog – like you did with me and leave a comment. Perhaps you might say thanks for the comment you left on my blog and these are my thoughts on your questions.

  3. Okay, sorry about that, thanks for the comment(s) and responding to my comments. Thanks for all the helpful hints.

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